Jinhua Hecheng tools Co., Ltd is located in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, Lingxia Zhu Multifunctional Park. The registered capital of the company is 7 million RMB, the existing plant area is 20,000 square meters, the construction area is 45,000 square meters, and the existing employees are more than 200. It is the main supplier of punching parts for China Crown Investment Group, and its main customers are: TTI, Baoshide, Yat Electrical, Jiangsu Jinding, Sanfeng Electrical, Wangli Security, etc. The company operates in good faith and is deeply trusted by new and old customers.

The company specializes in the design, development and manufacture of electric (garden) tool accessories, medium and high-grade hardware punching parts, rotor shaft, a molding, electromechanical high-speed punching sheet processing. The products are mainly used for cutting machine, circular saw, electric planer, angle grinder, brushless motor, series of electric machines and other series, under the high-speed punching workshop, welding workshop, general punching workshop, primary molding workshop, rotor shaft workshop and spraying workshop and other six independent workshops, high-speed punching workshop existing 125T-300T 8 groups of automatic high-speed punching machine unit, 10 groups of hydraulic press and chamfering machine, automatic material slitting machine group; general punching workshop There are more than 100 sets of 16T-250T punching machines, 250T-350T presses and automatic riveting machines; welding workshop has automatic welding machines, automatic protection welding, spot welding machines, argon arc welding machines and plate shearing machines; primary forming workshop has 4 groups of three lying forming machines, 6 groups of double-headed screw forming machines, 3 groups of automatic grinding machines, 16 groups of special machines for primary forming and ultrasonic cleaning machines and ovens; rotor shaft workshop has Automatic CNC lathe 30 sets, automatic CNC grinding machine 15 sets, automatic plane machine, automatic punching machine, automatic rolling machine, automatic wire rolling machine, automatic pipe cutting machine and other types of automatic and semi-automatic equipment; painting workshop existing automatic spraying unit 2 sets, hanging shot blasting machine, roller polishing machine, polishing machine and surface rust removal cleaning pool, environmental protection spray line and other professional equipment, technical personnel have received strict professional training The company is also equipped with professional testing laboratory, equipped with metallographic analyzer, hardness tester, three-dimensional coordinate meter, projector, color light box, tensiometer, torque meter, salt spray test and other equipment to ensure that the quality of products can meet customer needs.

The company takes "focus on product quality, meet customer needs" as the purpose, adheres to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, pragmatic, unity, sharing" and the quality policy of "quality is more important than cost", strives for innovation to achieve customers to maintain competitive advantage, and provides a platform for employees to achieve success and wealth.

The company has been awarded as "big taxpayer", national high-tech enterprise, high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province, high-tech enterprise in Jinhua City, and listed on the Growth Edition of Zhejiang Stock Exchange in 2019.

We are convinced that honor has become the past, stronger and more specialized is the goal we pursue. We will continue to provide more professional, efficient and excellent services to our customers, and look forward to a better cooperation between the two sides!